Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Observing Sunday on week days: not cool

By definition, a Sunday Driver is: A motorist who engages in any number of dilatory driving techniques that recklessly slow down traffic, including but not limited to: driving below the speed limit, slowing down more than once on a city block while looking for a parking spot, waiting for a pedestrian to finish traversing the entire walkway before turning, or remaining stopped after a light turns green. Sunday drivers often claim to be driving defensively but in fact their driving is offensive and agitates normal commuters.

Why do these people find it necessary to only get into their cars from 5am  - 8am  Monday through Friday?  Are they out to save the world and make it a safer place by regulating the flow of traffic (and ultimately causing a traffic jam)?   Please Sunday Drivers, stay off the road so the rest of us can get to work.


Thursday, March 17, 2011


Today I have to tell you about one of my favorites: people braking when a car also brakes one row over and three cars up.  This is also fun when the person braking in front of you has about seventeen car lengths in front of them, Umm…why ya stoppin’? 
Just this morning I came across one such delightful driver.  And to make it more fun they were a two-footed (one on the break and one on the gas) kind of driver.  When they were braking, nobody really knew it.  So I get around this highly annoying (and also highly dangerous) person.  Ten minutes go by and I am in yet another brake induced car cluster.  Who is the culprit?  You got it – the two-footed driver.  This happened a total of four times during my commute this morning (same car).  It was a black Passat with tinted windows.  I have yet to see or hear of a guy displaying this style of driving, so I assume it was a chick.  Ya, I said it. 

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Having more than 6 wheels makes you "entitled".

Semi truck drivers.  I almost don't need to say any more than that.  But I will anyways.  I understand the whole "you're bigger than me so I will let you do what ever you want so you don't run me over" rule.  Granted almost every other vehicle on the road is bigger than a Ford Focus.  But that doesn't give them the right to drive like assholes.  Or maybe it does.  After all, I didn't go to truck driving school.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Welcome to my blog.  Driving 100+ miles a day to and from work, I have started this page as a stress reliever for myself first, a source of entertainment for my fellow commuters second, and as a spot of educational knowledge for those who are blessed with either a microscopic commute or better yet, don’t have one at all.
First of all, I need you to know that in no way do I have “road rage”.  I am simply one of the many commuters lucky enough to witness some of the best drivers that the Department of Motor Vehicles has given the privilege of driving to.  All you need is a card right?  Apparently so.